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About Us

We're bringing Ultrafast broadband services to Taranaki businesses, homes, farms and schools, so you can work, play and do more at the same time. What sets us apart from the other Telcos is that we're 100% Taranaki owned and operated, and we have a team who cares about making sure you get the best broadband solutions for your home or business.

Why you should connect with PrimoWireless...

  • We have our own local wireless network which delivers broadband speeds like no other.
  • We can provide you with the right broadband solutions for your home and/or business needs.
  • Our broadband services are more reliable - Our ultrafast broadband is backed up by our own local ultrafast wireless network. This redundancy feature is highly recommended for businesses as it reduces your risk of downtime and lost productivity. 
  • We can set up multiple connections for offices at different sites. Our broadband will help to improve connectivity between sites and staff who work from home.
  • Our local team will give you free technical phone support and fantastic customer service.  

How it all started...

PrimoWireless was established in 2006 to provide wireless broadband services to remote Taranaki communities.  It now provides both wireless and ultrafast broadband services (UFB) to thousands of business and rural customers in Taranaki.

Initially PrimoWireless was developed as a solution to help rural Taranaki people and businesses who struggled to get access to fast broadband services. Knowing that wireless is the fastest broadband technology available to the rural community, IT specialist and managing director Matthew Harrison, set about building PrimoWireless' network from the ground up. As a result, PrimoWireless' customers are now enjoying the full benefits of connecting to Taranaki's only locally owned and operated Ultrafast wireless network.

Since incorporating the business in 2008 PrimoWireless has been growing rapidly which is down to our superior high speed broadband solutions, the high level of customer service we provide and the drive of the people behind the business.


Matthew Harrison

The Top Dog

Matthew (Matt) Harrison is the humble founder and Managing Director of PrimoWireless. After discovering that rural people and businesses in Taranaki weren’t able to access fast, reliable internet

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Jasmine Harrison

The Penny Pincher

Jasmine has been working for PrimoWireless since its inception and is responsible for pretty much everything required to keep the office running smoothly.

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Jason Holton

The Head Zookeeper

One of our most experienced team members, Jason has been helping connect customers to PrimoWireless for over nine years now. In 2016, he took over as Manager of Operations and is an integral member of our team.

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Shaun du Plessis

The Leader of the Pack

Shaun joined the PrimoWireless team at the beginning of June 2014 and now leads the growing team of technicans who install PrimoWireless all over Taranaki.

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Hanan Pillette

The Helpdesk Wizard

As our Helpdesk Wizard, Hanan’s primary role is to look after our customers with their tech queries.  If any Primo customers ever have a question or issue about our service, they can call or email Hanan and he’ll make sure it gets sorted.  Hanan has been with the team since September 2013.

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Kelly Ellis

The Hunter Gatherer

A multi-talented campaigner, Kelly joined our team in January 2015 to help grow our business by driving sales, supporting marketing activities, and improving relationships with customers and key stakeholders.

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Andrew Gernhoefer

The Erection Specialist

Andrew is pretty quiet – for an Australian. Although he was born in Melbourne, Andrew is now 100% loving life in Taranaki, which is one of the reasons PrimoWireless snapped him up.

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Daniel Park

The Connection Creator

Daniel is a born tinkerer! Whether it’s fast cars, electronics or computers you’ll find Daniel in his element. This sets Daniel up perfectly for his work at PrimoWireless. Daniel’s main job is traveling around Taranaki installing rural wireless and he sometimes fixes things if they are broken.

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Craig Macdonald

The Pixel Wrangler

Craig has now joined our team on a permanent basis as our Brand Identity Co-ordinator in June 2016.  He was prior to that, behind the scenes developing and maintaining our website.  In his permanent role, you will see Craig’s creations as he now also develops our marketing and promotional material.  

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Craig Plyler

The Geeky Gorilla

Craig by all accounts is a bit geeky – he is currently 60% of the way through his Bachelor of Information Sciences degree majoring in IT. So working at Primo is right up his alley. He says the best thing about working here is dealing with cutting edge technology.

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Zoe Rook

Miss Moneypenny

We welcomed Zoe to our team in late November 2017 where she has big shoes to fill while Jasmine takes time out to be a new mum!  Zoe comes to us with excellent skills in customer service and retail management.

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Callum Glennie

Connection Chameleon

Starting in July 2017 Callum has joined our team training in both our helpdesk and install technician roles.  This means you might get to talk to Callum when you call our helpdesk, or face to face when he does your install!

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Conor Robinson

The Sidekick

Conor joined our Field Technician team straight from High School in November 2017. As the sidekick to The Erection Specialist you’ll find Conor out and about in rural Taranaki maintaining and building our wireless network.

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Chris Young

The Instigator of Internet

As the instigator of internet, Chris says he offers in-depth information, insight, and enables customers to make informed decisions.

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Ben Aitchison

The Systems Administrator

Ben recently joined PrimoWireless, originally from Christchurch, transitioning through Auckland after the earthquakes, and liking Taranaki so much upon visiting that ultimately decided to relocate. 


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Mariana Kara

Front of House

Mariana joined our team in August 2018 and is our meeter and greeter extraordinaire! You’ll get to chat with Mariana if you are visiting our office or calling us about connecting to our awesome services. 


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Kevin Skinner

The Connection Rockstar

Kevin joined our team in August 2018 and hails from Taunton, Somerset in the UK. An import to our wonderful province he loves being able to ride up our mountain in the morning, then catching the sea breeze in the afternoon for a kite surfing session on one of our many surf breaks.

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Andres Duran

El creador de conexiones

Hailing all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay in South America, Andres joined our installer team in July 2018. With his degrees in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology and systems analyst he is well placed to work here at PrimoWireless.

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